Onsite and Post Home Inspections

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Popular During and Post Inspection Questions

We’re often asked whether you need to attend the inspection or not.

We strongly recommend that clients attend their onsite home inspections. It’s much easier to understand remarks in the final inspection report when you have actually seen the area or item in person.

Whether the property is right in Bay City or up in Ogemaw,  there are simply conversations we can have right there on the spot that could be very valuable to you. You’ll also have an opportunity to ask questions you may not have even considered pre-inspection.

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Get your questions answered during your onsite inspection

Visually, there will be areas in the home which are difficult to take clear pictures of due to accessibility, size or lack of sufficient light in hard to reach areas. It is those situations where you’d have to actually be there onsite to get a clear view and understanding of those areas.

At your home inspection, we will take as much time with you as you need and welcome all, and as many, questions you have. We believe the more involved and informed you are about the home you are hoping to purchase, the more confident you will be making that big decision.

Below are some of the questions often asked during and after our onsite home inspections.

1. How do we get into the home?
Shane coordinates with the realtors involved to gain access to the property for inspection purposes. They will either provide him a key or the code for the lockbox. This makes it more convenient for you so you don’t have to worry about making those arrangements. Often times your agent will be meeting you at the property as well to attend the inspection with you.

2. How long will the roof last?
General life expectancy of an asphalt shingle roof is 20-30 years. Roofing shingles red with skylights

3. How does the structure of the home look?
Shane takes many different variables into account when determining the integrity of the structure of the home. Inspecting and evaluating a home’s structure is one area where attending your inspection is extremely valuable and informative. While onsite, you’ll be able to get a full understanding of all the aspects that help Shane determine your homes structural integrity.

4. Is the cracking drywall a problem?
Cracking in drywall is very common. Generally this is not a major issue as this is the house settling.

5. Will the house need to be brought up to code?
In most cases, the house will not need to be brought up to code for the mortgage or to live in. Some code issues Shane may mention are good things to think about updating in the future, like for instance, two-wire electrical systems. He’ll explain what those things are and why they could be of interest or benefit to you.

6. Is there drainage issues?
If the yard around the house is sloping towards the house, when it rains, the rain will build up against the house. This may cause foundation issues.

7. Evidence of pest damage? Do we charge extra to keep an eye out for those pest?
Although our standard inspection does not include specifically looking for pests, if evidence of pests is observed, Shane will definitely bring it to your attention and show you where it’s located.

8. Are there plumbing issues?
The drain system and the water supply system will be checked thoroughly for leaks.

9. Is wood rot an issue?
Each situation is unique but if there are structural support beams where some wood rot is observed, there may be issues. If the wood rot is cosmetic, this may not be a major issue. This would be a good conversation to have while attending your inspection to learn if wood rot was observed, and if so, the level of severity.

10. How’s the insulation?
Due to our continually changing climate, we will be looking for adequate insulation. If lacking, we’ll recommend installation to help reduce energy costs.

For your convenience, we also offer optional testing services like water, mold, radon and several others. We know that there are times additional tests may be appropriate for some homes or properties. We make it easy for you to get those results back quickly, so together with your comprehensive home inspection report, you’ll feel well prepared to make that final purchasing decision.

We’re delighted to answer all questions you may have, so no need to hesitate to give us a call (or email, or Facebook!)


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